Cycling ti amo!

Who we are

As a tour operator we've been on the road for years specializing in easy cycling holidays and active tours. We programme, organize, provide assistance and test all our tours, making sure that routes are quiet, the food tasty and the beds comfy.
Our booking office and our mechanics work together to make the best bike holiday possible for you.
We have 10 vans and cars and 11 trailers which can transport from 30 to 50 bikes. We have a fleet of about 1,200 bicycles and 2 hotel-barges.

Our headquarter is in Vicenza, a small and fascinating city between Venice and Verona where we have our main offices and store.

Know us and our workshop through our latest photoshooting on Girolibero's Picasa-gallery.

What we do

We cooperate with many European and American tour operators who organize active tours in Italy and put at their disposal bicycles, busses, vans and trailers for bikes and luggage.

For our Italian customers we organize bicycle tours all over the world. In our catalogue and in our italian web-site we offer more than 200 destinations in Europe and in the rest of the world.

We handle the programming for our sister company Zeppelin ( Zeppelin means active group holidays, guided by an expert tour leader and especially made for single-travellers. Beside cycling, Zeppelin oraganizes walking, sailing and adventure travels all over the world.

Girolibero by Bike Incoming srl
Viale Margherita 95
I - 36100 Vicenza

Phone: +39 0444 330724
Fax: +39 0444 167930
Germany Freecall Nummer 0800 7238687.