Boat-Bike Tours

A unique concept that combines cycling and cruising. Discover beautiful spots in the Netherlands and other European countries like Germany and Croatia. Are you an active person who enjoys comfortable holidays? Then our cycling cruises are exactly what you are looking for.

Boat-Bike Tours: maybe a typically 'Dutch' way of travelling
Tours in the Netherlands and the rest of Europe
Thousands of kilometres of cycle paths and calm back roads are on offer to ensure that cyclists can enjoy relaxing and interesting cycling tours in the Netherlands. You will cycle along wonderful landscapes and visit different cities, sights and tourist attractions. Discover the provinces of North or South Holland, or the beautiful IJssel Lake area on an eight-day all-in tour by bike and boat. In addition to Boat-Bike Tours in the Netherlands, we also offer a whole range of tours in countries like Germany, France, Italy and Croatia.

During your trip your accommodation will simply follow you. This avoids the hassle of having to move from one hotel to another. Every night you will sleep in a different city, but in the same bed. The friendly crew provides the meals, and the multilingual tour guides can answer all your questions. Most of the boats offer two single 'low' beds; some of the boats offer huts with double beds. All huts are equipped with a bathroom and shower, toilet and washbasin. Single-person huts and huts for 3 or 4 persons are available on request.

Groups and individuals
Boat-Bike Tours offers both groups and individual travellers Boat-Bike Tours in the Netherlands and the rest of Europe. Individual travellers can register for all-in trips. Groups can rent their 'own' boat, whereby we will offer them a programme that is tailored to their needs.

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