From the river Po to St. Mark's Square

Mantua-Venice: bike & boat with MS Vita Pugna

There's hardly any other region in Italy offering such ideal activities for those who love the water as well as cycling in order to get to know the wonderful surroundings. The bike trails wind along the rivers Mincio and Po. Dive into the largely untouched nature, into swamps existing for several centuries yet, surrounded by the green charm of the pine woods; here, natural watercourses, minuscule channels and fishermen's huts hide in the reed. Towns that seem to have escaped from fairy tails like the fantastic Chioggia, often surnamed "Litte Venice", Ferrara, meeting point for many cyclists, the magnificent islands Pellestrina and Luido and Venice, the "City of Water", are waiting to be discovered by you. During this discovery trip, you will be hosted by the Vita Pugna. The boat, that has by the way just been renovated, will accompany the daily cycling stages in a relaxed pace, giving you the possibility to spend a few hours on board instead of cycling the whole distance. Each night, the tour guide will offer to discuss the route for the next day with you. Thus, you will always be well-prepared for the next stage and if you wish so, the tour guide will even accompany you by bike. The daily routes lead completely over lowlands. With the intention to arrange especially the ways out of urban areas in an even more enjoyable way, parts of it will be accomplished by boat during breakfast in the morning or during supper at night.

MS Vita Pugna:
Originally, the Vita Pugna was a Dutch river cruiser, completely redesigned for its service in Italy in 2005. Its 11 cabins are equipped with two beds arranged next to each other, bathroom, toilet and shower. The board restaurant offers a cozy atmosphere. The sundeck serves as storage for the bikes over night.

1. day Arriving in Mantua
The train connections from Venice to Mantua are excellent (2,5 hours, 10-15 Euro). Embarkment at 4.30 p.m.
Tour meeting at 7 p.m.

2. day Round trip Mantova 40 km
Today you will cycle through the town of Mantova and its surroundings. Mantova is one of the most beautiful towns in northern Italy where many artists left their works.

3. day Mantova - Zelo 50 km
You'll go comfortably by boat to Governolo, to the fort of the Mincio pirates. Finally, up on the bikes and away! You'll cycle on the Po Bike Trail to Ostiglia with its medieval castle ruins. A nice bike route along the Canale Bianco leads you to the anchorage of Zelo.

4. day Zelo - Ferrara - Adria 50 km
Today you will visit the famous city of Ferrara. Its center is still surrounded by the antic city wall. After the visit of the old town of Ferrara you will go by bus to Adria. This old greek habour is famous for the trade with amber from the Baltic Sea.

5. day Adria - Porto Viro - Chioggia 40 km
You will leave the ship in Porto Viro. Marvellous trails surrounded by water and land between the Po-delta and the mouthing of the Adige will guide today's route. The course of the Po-Brondolo leads you straight into the heart of Chioggia, bearing its surname "Little Venice" with plenty of pride. A relaxed walk around town is just as worthwhile as visiting the fish market at sunrise.

6. day Chioggia - Venice 30 km
What an experience! Today, the Vita Pugna takes you to the oases of Ca Roman, a sandy island covered with pine woods. From the upstream islands Pellestrina and Lido, home of the renowned film festivals, you will cycle to the isle of Giudecca, close to St. Mark's Square.

7. day Venice
Fantastic, a whole day in Venice! Discover the historic centre, observe the gondoliers and enjoy the famous St. Mark's Square.

8. day Departing from Venice
After breakfast, you will debark from the Vita Pugna.

Bitte beachten Sie:
Je nach Reisetermin führt diese Reise von Mantua nach Venedig oder von Venedig nach Mantua:
Termine Mantua - Venedig:
09.04., 23.04., 07.05., 21.05., 04.06., 18.06., 02.07., 16.07., 30.07., 13.08., 27.08., 10.09., 24.09., 08.10.2016
Termine Venedig-Mantua:
16.04., 30.04., 14.05., 28.05., 11.06., 25.06., 09.07., 23.07., 06.08., 20.08., 03.09., 17.09., 01.10., 15.10.2016

Es gelten gesonderte Stornobedingungen:
Eventuelle notwendige Änderungen des Reiseverlaufs aufgrund von Wind-, Wetter- und nautischen Besonderheiten bleiben dem Skipper als Kapitän des Schiffes vorbehalten.
Bei Mitbringen eigener Räder fällt in Venedig fällt eine Gebühr von ca. 80,- Euro für das Wassertaxi vom Bahnhof zum Anleger des Schiffes an, da die Wasserbusse (Vaporetti) keine Räder mitnehmen dürfen.

How to reach Venice and Mantova:
By Plane:
Both Venice and Mantova are well served by many airports of Northern Italy: Venice (VCE), Treviso (TSF), Verona (VRN), Bergamo (BGY),Milano Malpensa (MXP), Milano Linate (LIN)

By Railway and Car:
Mantova is situated on the A22 Highway Brennero - Modena, only 50 km south of Verona. By train it is connected very frequently to the railway station of Verona (journey: 45 min.) Venice is situated on the A4 highway and on one of the principal railway lines, which links Venice to the most important Italian cities.

Navigation on rivers and canals:
The programme has been planned to feature navigation along the Fissero/ Bianco canal, which runs parallel to the Po and connects Mantova to the Adriatic Sea. A few weeks in the year, when the waters of the Po are propitious, the barge will be allowed to navigate along the Po river. This means that the some of the overnight stays will be modified. High and low water issues, as well as logistic obstacles can modify some of the daily stretches or embarkation points. These decisions are taken by the boat captain.

Bike Route:
The tour is entirely in the low lands and the daily cycling stages vary from 30 km to 55 km. Much of the pedalling is along rivers and canals on tarmac cycle paths or roads with a low volume of car traffic. It is envisaged that the boat will sail some of the way during breakfast or evening meal to make getting out of the towns easier or to shorten the stages.

Different frame sizes of unisex bikes with 27-gears Shimano Deore will be available on board. They are fully equipped with 1x side-bag, 1 water bottle, 1 map holder/front bag, 1 padlock per bike and 1 repair kit each couple. Due to high transportation costs of the bikes in Venice and logistic issues it is strongly advised not to bring own bikes.

Own bikes:
If you will use your own private bike you have to pay in Venice for the water taxi a fee of 80,- Euros for the way from the station to the pier.

Guided and self guided tour:
This tour offers the chance to choose each day if pedalling alone or with the whole group, following the tour leader. Each client can anyway take advantage of a very detailed route description.


Adriatic Sea, Emilia-Romagna, Ferrara, Lombardy, Mantua, Mediterranean Sea, Po, Veneto, Venice


  • 7 overnight stays with breakfast
  • lunch packages and supper on board (drinks are not inclusive)
  • bedding and towels
  • luggage transfer
  • tour guide
  • tour information and detailed maps
  • bus transfer Ferrara-Zelo or Ferrara-Adriatic
  • guided city tour in Mantua and Venice
  • Not inclusive: Ferry boat trip to Pellestrina (9 Euro per person)
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Additional costs:

  • in a SR: 1.140,00 EUR
  • tourer: 70,00 EUR
  • electric bike: 160,00 EUR
  • season surcharge: 30.04.2016 - 20.08.2016 150,00 EUR
  • season surcharge: 27.08.2016 - 01.10.2016 220,00 EUR
  • season surcharge: 08.10.2016 - 22.10.2016 150,00 EUR
  • Zusatznacht Mantua in a DR Category A: 85,00 EUR
  • Zusatznacht Mantua in a SR Category A: 125,00 EUR
  • Zusatznacht Mantua in a DR Category B: 45,00 EUR
  • Zusatznacht Mantua in a SR Category B: 75,00 EUR
  • Zusatznacht Venedig-Mestre in a DR Category A: 65,00 EUR
  • Zusatznacht Venedig-Mestre in a SR Category A: 85,00 EUR
  • Zusatznacht Venedig-Mestre in a DR Category B: 65,00 EUR
  • Zusatznacht Venedig-Mestre in a SR Category B: 85,00 EUR


  • Child discounts: Kinder 0-2 Category A 90,00 %, Kinder 3-5 Jahre Category A 50,00 %, Kinder 6-8 Jahre Category A 30,00 %


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