Bike and Barge Trips in Holland and France

Enjoy your bike and barge tour with La Belle Fleur.
Ride through the green heart of the Lorriane region in the nord-east of France, the valley between the river Mosselle and Meurthe. Visit old cities and become a part of the french way of life as you see the sunset over historical villages and cosy little towns.

Tulip Tour
In springtime you can enjoy the most beautiful scenery of Holland. Visit the Keukenhof and be suprised by all the different sorts and colours tulips can have. But also visit the economical part of the flowerbusiness by walking throuhg the auction halls of Aalsmeer.

Golden Century Tour
In the 17th century Holland was the land of prosarity. The Dutch tall ships sailed over the seven seas and came home with the most expencive goods, like coffe, tea and spices. But also beautiful china and fabriques from far away countries where sold on the Dutch markets.

With all this, the artistic scenery also developed itselve. The great Dutch masters painted the Dutch bourgoisis and the typical landscapes. Enjoy the seem landscapes and visit the museums that hold a big part of the inheratence of that time, like the Rijksmuseum and the Frans Hals museum.

An Flooting Hotel
La Belle Fleur offers you the comfort of an hotel and the advantages of a ship. After your bike tour you will find your hotelcabine in the next harbour.

So no need to pack every day, we sail your room every day to you.

Travelling with Actieve Vaarvakanties
Actieve Vaarvakanties is a passionate and relable travel company, that shows there guests the most magnificant sceneries in Holland and France.

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